Welcome to the dream

During the very early days of the twentieth century, different methods of vehicles were being produced with steam powered cars being chosen by the rich and famous for their transport. The traditional internal combustion engine was not really developed enough and steam cars were in their element.

Today, these incredibly rare, steam-powered machines are held in such High Esteem - we thought we would introduce Hire Steam - giving the opportunity to more people to see these magnificent machines first hand, to be able to hire them for jaw-dropping effect - even to have the opportunity to drive a Steam Car.

Our background is in steam; we manufacture steam powered traction engines, so we can be pretty confident in achieving the very best out of our cars (they are over 100 years old, remember) and each vehicle is meticulously kept ensuring they are perfect for you.

"Back home late last night. Thank you and your business partner for a wonderful time. You were fantastic hosts. I really enjoyed meeting you both." David Morgan Full day Experience

With gleaming, highly polished brass, luxurious leather - and the glorious bursts of white steam - steam cars are, quite simply show-stoppers for your special event. They are ideal with the top down but available with full weather gear for use all year round - and their large size enables you to travel in complete comfort.

If you are looking for something amazing for your Wedding, Prom or Corporate Event then take a look at what is on offer locally to you then have a look at our cars - we'll guarantee you'll be smitten with steam. That's how confident we are in these cars. If you'd like to see one in person, it's no problem we'd love to introduce you to our cars.

"Thank you for the photos. We had a brilliant day and the photos are great." Darren Bradshaw Half Day Experience

So with all this in mind, you'll be thinking these cars would be out of your price range - well just as a steam powered car will surprise your guests, our very competitive steam car prices will pleasantly surprise you, with a pristine Stanley Steam car available for hire for the same cost as a common-old Rolls Royce, or a Camper Van - or a stretched Limo. You know the kind of vehicle you've seen at a event before - so why follow the herd?

For that fairy-tale wonderland Wedding, perfection at your Prom or excellence at your Event - then Live the Dream and Hire Steam.